About Us

About Us

What Is Warriors Sports Club And Academy?

The Warriors Sports Club and Academy was established in Dubai in the summer of 2013.  Warriors was set-up to promote the growth and participation of junior sport in Dubai.  The idea was to offer a range of sports to children in a combined club setting that would be supported by a professional coaching academy.  “Warriors Sports Club and Academy” is a trading name of the Joint Venture between “Warriors Sports Club Members Association” and “Warriors Sports Trading LLC”.


How Does The Sports Club Work?

The “Sports Club” is a non profit entity governed by a Constitution under the title of “Warriors Sports Club Members Association”.  Activities promoted as Club activities are intended for the benefit of Club members and any proceeds will be retained for use by and for the benefit of the Warriors Sports Club Members Association.  The Warriors Sports Club Members Association is managed by Committee, for the benefit of the Members and for the purposes of achieving the objectives as specified in the Constitution.  Warriors Sports Trading LLC is contracted to manage the administration, marketing and operations of the Warriors Sports Club Members Association on behalf of the Management Committee.  In addition, the Warriors Sports Club Members Association has licensed the use of the name and marketing identity properties of Warriors Sports Trading LLC.


How Does The Academy Work?

The “Academy” is a profit making venture operated by Warriors Sports Trading LLC.   The LLC company is a Dubai registered entity set-up with the vision of promoting the growth in participation of a range of sports for children by offering a professional academy training structure to support personal skills improvement in a range of sporting codes.  Activities promoted through Warriors Academy are profit making initiatives for the benefit of the company.


What Affiliations Do We Have?

The Warriors Sports Club Members Association is affiliated to the UAE Rugby Federation, which enables us to participate in Union (UAERF) sanctioned leagues and tournaments.